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Author: david

wellington windows

Posted At: 2004-10-04 03:54:47

has anyone used this product or know anything about it or the company.

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Author: Guy
In Reply To: wellington windows (posted by david)

RE: wellington windows

Posted At: 2004-10-04 13:52:05

Wellington is used here in MN. I've had some buddies work for them and they tell me they are pretty good to work for. I guess tehy run a tight ship with employees. They squabble a bit, but what employees don't. From what I've seen of them here locally they seem OK. I think they are a bit over priced and I don't know about haggling down the price. I do know they send about four installers to each job. They git-r-done in no time. Their product looks good and has no flaws I could see. I don't know any of the particulars on their product so I can't offer any honest details for your comfort. If your looking for a wood interior. Check out the Far North window at Scherer Bros. Far North Windows in Champlin. They are on Jefferson Hwy. Good Luck

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