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Author: Don Kendall

hard to open windows

Posted At: 2004-10-05 13:03:06

we put in replacement windows about 6 years ago; now some of them have become increasingly hard to close or open. what to do---is there some part that is worn?

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Author: Guy
In Reply To: hard to open windows (posted by Don Kendall)

RE: hard to open windows

Posted At: 2004-10-05 14:05:41

Well Don, depending on what window you have (Doublehung, Crank Out or Slider). There are a couple things to look at. If you have a cranking window you need to find out where it's rubbing. Usually if it's top or bottom there is an adjustment essentric under your connecting bars. You can pull the bar off the post and it will take a small wrench to adjust. There is one at the top and the bottom. This will move your sash in or out. Some windows don't come with these. So make sure yours can be done.
If you have any style of sliding window. Double, single or horizontal you may just have a dirty weatherstrip. Just remove the sash portion and wipe it down with a rag. Make sure any debris in the tracks is also wiped down. After you have cleaned it up. Get some furniture wax like Pledge (you can get the Lemon it smells good). Lightly spray down the weatherseal around the window sash on all sides. You can also spray down the frame side where the window slides and rubs. Wipe off any over spray with a cloth and rub it all in. Install your sash and you should be in good shape.
If your still rubbing try and locate the spot of tension on the window. Sometimes there will be some flexing and screws will need to be inserted to pull the frame back into place. I would recommend a Pro for this service. Or have the installer who put your windows come back and Tune things up for you. Hope this solves your problem.


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