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Author: jim in the NW

Choosing replacement windows/company

Posted At: 2004-10-06 01:13:04

I live in the NW and Im looking to replace the windows on my house built in the 70s. I've had contact and set up an appointment with a company called Statewide Energy and wanted to know if anyone knew anything about them and also if I should go with triple or double pane windows here in the NW? thanks

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Author: installer
In Reply To: Choosing replacement windows/company (posted by jim in the NW)

RE: Choosing replacement windows/company

Posted At: 2004-10-06 16:44:42

No need for triple in the NW. If you buy Statewide have lots of money or credit. You can do better. Basically a siding company that makes their own windows and uses high pressure sales tactics. Good luck.

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