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Author: Art

Edgetech Invitation

Posted At: 2004-10-06 01:42:27

Erin -

Ok, now you've done it! :)

Let me suggest that since you did offer the invitation it kinda behooves Edgetech to provide the transportation to your facilities for Fen Ex. Personally I can see nothing but good coming from it.

While I've never met him, his comments sure seem to make sense (I'm not talking about SuperSpacer vs. TPS), and he sure seems to have a positive impact in this forum. Quite honestly, it's because of Fen Ex that I decided to look at and subsequently purchase Schuco so I know his powers of passive persuasion do work. I can't say for a fact, but I suspect that if you can show him SuperSpacer is at a par level or superior to TPS he'll say so. In fact, I saw him yesterday give a compliment to SS when he said it was second to TPS in his opinion.

You indicated that you had reviewed his past posts and developed from them the impression that he was just an informed consumer. Frankly, I can recall several of his posts from the past several months wherein he made it very clear that he worked in a consulting capacity for a number of companies. At no time has he claimed to work for Schuco or Bystronic or in a test lab. In fact, he has taken pains to make it clear that while he knows some of the Schuco management team, he does not work for nor receive remuneration from them .

So come on, spring the airfare and get him in there - we'll ALL learn from it.

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