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Author: Mark Spritzler

Slope Sills and other framing question

Posted At: 2004-10-06 15:28:23

I am getting stressed out here. We have hired a contractor to put in replacement windows. They have three frames/wraps to choose from. The A wrap is flat and goes over stucco if there is not framing there at all. Then the C wrap can be used to be the frame as long as there is no slope sills. The D wrap can go over the slope sills.

OK, I went to their showroom and wasn't too impressed with the D wrap, which is scheduled to be put up 8 of my 11 windows which are on the side and back of the house.

Now in the front of my house, it is a mess. One big window is an aluminum window with absolutely no frame. It was added when the removed a bedroom to make our living room really big. It looks different than all the windows we currently have.

The other two windows have a decorative frame around them and slope sills. With the decorative frame, they cannot put the D wraps, or any wrap really at all, so they would just do a retrofit. These two windows have siding around it, not stucco.

I had a stucco guy come over yesterday, to quote the pulling of the decorative frames, and the siding, and replace with stucco. That way I can put the C wrap on the three front windows. I thought the price was a little too much, well actually just $2600, but I didn't think that it would take a lot of work, as the siding is just on 2/3 of the front of the house.

I really liked the look of the C wraps over the other two wraps, and the D wrap costs $89 more per window. I could have all the slope sills removed from the side and back windows too, but I don't know how much that would cost or if it is worth it.

Does anyone have any good ideas of the direction that I should go?

Thanks and sorry for being so long winded. :)


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