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Author: Mark

Apple to Apples 30 days guarantee

Posted At: 2004-10-06 20:29:55

I forgot to ever mention it - one dealer to our home was trying to sell us with their 30-day 110% guarantee of a apple to apples comparative-price quote.

Apparently if AFTER I sign the contract, and then I get more quotes, and then if one of the new quotes is lower than their quote, and if then they agree that the newly-quoted window is comparative to their window, THEN I would get 110% of the price difference (assuming that the newly-quote window is lower in price).

Gee, I wonder what are the chances that after I sign the contract that I would want to get more quotes (or that my wife would allow me to do so) and that if I found a lower priced window, that the contracted-dealer would agree that the newly-quoted window is as good as theirs, and then give 110% of the difference? Want to place any bets?

Reminds me of a local radio promo for the Atlanta Braves. If you send your name in, and if your name is drawn, and if the Braves win the baseball game under the condition that the game is tied in the ninth inning and a Brave steals home, then you win $10k. Gee I wonder how often they pay off on that promo?

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Author: E-Z
In Reply To: Apple to Apples 30 days guarantee (posted by Mark)

RE: Apple to Apples 30 days guarantee

Posted At: 2004-10-07 02:32:26

Damn, that's a new one i thought i heartd it all, unfortunatelly i guess it works for some naive folks out there .
I heard a pretty funny one " We will mow your lawn if you sign today" Honest a customer told me that one


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