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Author: Rich Best

U-Factor equals exactly what in terms of cost savings

Posted At: 2004-10-07 14:20:42

I've been researching windows for a couple weeks now. I'm replacing all my Windows in the house including patio door. The U-factor is a good indication of how efficient a window is. However, many quality vinyl and composite window have u-factors of 0.27 - 0.31.

Having a heating bill of lets say 250.00/month, exactly (ok roughly) what in terms of cost savings will I save if I purchase windows with a u-factor of 0.30 than one with a 0.28 rating?

This would help justify the cost difference over time between one Vendor and the other. I would eventually like to see some return on an investment like this.

I am down to three vendors. Champion, Newpro and Schuco.

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