Corner Windows over Bathtub - thoughts on window type?

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Corner Windows over Bathtub - thoughts on window type?

#1 Post by twc » Sun Feb 10, 2019 1:58 pm

<r>I have 2 pair of mulled double hungs over a corner bathtub (hopefully the picture works).<br/>
Northwest corner of the house in Northern not too cold, not too sunny.<br/>
Windows are 46.5 inches high and wide.<br/>
Any suggested style of window for this configuration in a humid bathroom?<br/>
Wife vetoed picture window because she occasionally opens them even though you have to literally climb in the tub to do it.<br/>
I also climb out the left one a couple times a year to clean leaves off the low pitch sunroom underneath.<br/>
So I was thinking slider.. nice big opening for fresh air/climbing out...?<br/>
Pro/Con for a twin casement... seals better than slider... tracks don't get dirty... but more money?<br/>
Is 46.5 too wide for a single double hung... might sag or maybe just looks wrong... ?<br/>


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Re: Corner Windows over Bathtub - thoughts on window type?

#2 Post by Windows on Washington » Sun Feb 10, 2019 2:28 pm

Looks like we will be seeing you on Wednesday.

Sliders leak more air than do Double Hungs or Casements, sometimes by a decent margin.

Unless the Mrs. wants to vent the openings from inside the tub, I am not sure there is a real reason to go away from the Double Hungs.

The installer can show you how to pop the sashes out of the window so that you can step right out onto the roof.

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Re: Corner Windows over Bathtub - thoughts on window type?

#3 Post by tru_blue » Thu Feb 14, 2019 7:41 pm

I'd like to suggest something brilliant or fancy but I actually think double hungs work best for that application. Like WoW mentioned, horizontal sliders are generally less airtight than other window types. Casements would work too, although I wonder if the style would match the rest of the home. That would certainly be acceptable though.

Some things to consider with the double hungs:

1. Obscure glass in the bottom sash. Would allow for seeing out the top sash when the blinds are open, but allows for privacy in the bottom sash without the light-blocking properties of window blinds.
2. Obscure glass in both sashes, for greater privacy without the need for blinds.
3. Triple pane for greater condensation resistance in a high-humidity area (and better insulating performance).
4. Safety tempered glass, which is a code requirement above a tub in most areas.
5. I tend to like vinyl or fiberglass windows in high-humidity areas such as above a tub, but if your heart is set on wood that could still be done.
6. It looks like you currently have a wood window sill (actually called a window "stool") at the bottom of the windows. When replacing the windows you could potentially change that to a non-wood material such as marble, granite, etc. or even a vinyl laminate so that if you place something wet on it, it will not soil the wood or soak into the material.

Best wishes for your replacement project!

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Re: Corner Windows over Bathtub - thoughts on window type?

#4 Post by uncle eddie » Thu Feb 21, 2019 11:48 pm

Good advice above. There are nice sliders out there, but not sure I want a leakier style above my tub. Pw, tw ca, tw dh, in that order

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