EnergyCore Vinyl Windows

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EnergyCore Vinyl Windows

#1 Post by GK23 » Mon May 11, 2020 1:29 pm

Hi all, I’m hoping someone can chime in and provide some insight. I am looking to have 17 single hung windows replaced in the DFW area.

I received a quote for EnergyCore windows from Energy Window Solutions - $14k

Try as I might I can’t seem to find much info on these windows, the owner of the company seemed very knowledgeable and the windows seem like good quality but I know next to nothing of windows and this brand doesn’t seemed to be mentioned on this board.

I also got a quote for Burris Tectview AC, for 9k, although I’ve seen these don’t get great feedback on here. The company I spoke with was very high on them though and stated they have them installed in their house.

I’m really at a loss, as the amount of windows and info out there is overwhelming so hoping I can get a little direction here.


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Re: EnergyCore Vinyl Windows

#2 Post by Randy » Mon May 11, 2020 2:36 pm

The video on their website was certainly interesting; “Most windows companies today, extrude aluminum in their plastic frames; aluminum conducts and expands and contracts. With this product, we don’t have any of those issues.”

1. Aluminum reinforcement (or some type of composite material) is a huge benefit for larger windows installed in Texas. While aluminum reinforcements can conduct, the negative effect on the overall efficiency is minimal, particularly when compared to the crucial benefits provided.

2. If the competition sells “plastic”, what are they selling?

3. Triple pane windows will often have very dark glass. Make sure you like the look and that you can live with the lower light transmittance.

4. There’s a reason why the best window manufacturers don’t install windows. They focus on doing what they do best and leave it to professional contractors to do what we do best. That partnership is a proven model that has been successful for many companies, for many years. Perhaps this company has discovered a recipe for long-term success and customer satisfaction that no other company has figured out. I’m doubtful, and so I’d recommend looking at Sunrise Windows and/or NT Windows.

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