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Quote for Okna 600 Replacements

#1 Post by Jorp82 »

Hi all, totally new to this, so still getting my bearings. In central North Carolina.

House is 25 years old and has crappy builder windows--many won't open, are cracked, leak air and light all over, etc.

I have a quote to replace 25 windows with Okna 600. All windows would have lowE coating. The installer would take out existing widows, apply spray foam, wrap existing sills and exterior brick mold in aluminum trim. There's also one large picture window that isn't separately accounted for, so 26 windows total.

Cost is about $21k for that.

I asked about the Okna 800 and the installer said he didn't think there was much difference, that the Okna 800 was a bit bulkier.

My two biggest wants in new windows are good visibility and good insulation/tight seals (less drafts, less insects coming in around sills and through gaps in wood, and hopefully reduced heating/cooling costs).

Any thoughts?

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Re: Quote for Okna 600 Replacements

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The 800 does have a slightly larger master frame on it, but you would be pressed to be able to tell the difference. The numbers are actually reflective of where they fall in the series line up. The 500 is better than the 400, the 600 better than the 500, and the 800 better than the 600.

The 600 is going to be worlds better than 99% of the competing vinyl products out there, its just that the 800 is a tiny bit better in my opinion.

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Re: Quote for Okna 600 Replacements

#3 Post by masterext »

Agree. The 600 will have a more narrow frame than the 800. That said, the 800 is not very bulky. The performance of the okna 600 is very close to the 800 and very solid.

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Re: Quote for Okna 600 Replacements

#4 Post by HomeSealed »

I agree with the other pros. The 600 is a great window. The 800, 1000, and Starmark Evo all slot in above it in the Okna lineup, but as WoW said, the 600 is worlds better than most windows out there and is an elite level performer. I suspect that the installer tried to downplay the 800 a little because he doesn't have access to it, but again, the 600 is excellent and there isn't much of a drop off there at all.

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