Veridis 1800, AKA Okna, AKA "Pricey?"

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Veridis 1800, AKA Okna, AKA "Pricey?"

#1 Post by Bardman »

I’ve been looking to get windows replaced for years, and I just recently became aware of Okna. I have been extremely adverse of vinyl as all the ones I’ve ever seen have been garbage. To be fair, the ones I’m familiar with have all been at friends’ apartments, so I think these have all been the lowest line. A reputable dealer with Okna recently came to my home to do measurements and show me what they had. I don’t wish to mention the company’s name, but they apparently only install one type of window, a rebranded very top of the line Okna which they call Veridis 1800. This is an extremely good-looking vinyl triple paned window and I was impressed with its build and energy saving components. From what I’ve found I assume these are Okna 800 Enviro Stars or Okna 1800s. I don’t see the 1800s on the Okna website currently, but I have seen that they are just 800s with a triple pane. This is all very confusing as the 800s seem to come with double and triple pane options.

Anyway, I'm in Massachusetts and looking for 4 double hung units, two side by side units in two rooms. I am also looking to replace a picture window that’s flanked by two double hungs. All my current windows are wood surrounded by a very nice hard wood and thick perimeter which I do not want replaced. I decided that the two sets of two double hungs which are on the second level of the house should just be all white vinyl with grids between the glass on the upper window, and a full screen. I wanted a bay window to replace the picture, but it was too high priced. I decided to get a price on the same picture window with two double hungs in the Melrose Cherry veneer with grids between the glass on the upper double hungs with full screens. Well, to my shock the cost for windows and installation was $13,700! IF I had gone with a bay instead of the picture, it would have been over 17! I looked back on a couple estimates I got for the same projects and the prices ranged from $5000 to $8000 with a bay. All these prices I’ve showing is everything included. The 5K job is a quote for fiberglass units and almost 10 years old, and the 8K one is for Harvey vinyl and not even 2 years old. I think a high end vinyl would be fine for me although I would love to find fiberglass.

I do like Okna, and would rather get my double hungs in the same cherry veneer. But this place did not say that they would replace anything on the outside or the inside sill, which I would like done as inside and out are falling apart, so I assume THAT would be even MORE cost. This is the only Okna dealer I’ve been able to find in Massachusetts and I want a couple more quotes if I could get them. Do you find the 13K an outrageous amount as I do? Where can I find other Okna dealers? It’s extremely hard finding a nice window that is only available from a small group of exclusive contractors who seem to charge an ultra-premium price.

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Re: Veridis 1800, AKA Okna, AKA "Pricey?"

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The 1800 is a different glass package than the standard 800 series. A bit better performance on the U-Factor.

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Re: Veridis 1800, AKA Okna, AKA "Pricey?"

#3 Post by HomeSealed »

+1. Chassis is the 800/Envirostar, but with an special higher performance glass package and some slight changes in the window to accommodate. Great window. It was the top vinyl option from Okna until a year or two ago when the Himark 1000 was released, and then of course there is the Starmark EVO composite. The latter may be worth taking a looking at given your affinity for fiberglass. It has the advantages of fiberglass and wood windows (butt joints instead of angles, soft matte finish, strength, etc), but with MUCH better performance than any fiberglass window made in the US.

As far as pricing, do you have any other current quotes? Prices have SKYROCKETED in the past 10 years based on both material increases and a shortage of skilled labor, so I'd throw that one in the trash.
The two year old Harvey quote at a little over half price actually sounds closer, but as you've stated, that is the type of lower end product that you are trying to avoid, and prices have increased a fair amount in 2 years as well. Heck, they've increased a good chunk across the board just in the past 6 months, most building material manufacturers have raised prices between 5-10%+ since spring.

If you essentially have 7 windows (2 twins and triple unit) I would say that price sounds like its on the higher end no doubt, but it does depend on other factors like the installation details etc. I will say this, you are better off overpaying for a great product than underpaying for a poor one from an investment perspective, and as I mentioned earlier, that is a great window. If unsure, find another top performing option in your area from an installation company with a great reputation, and get another quote to add perspective.

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Re: Veridis 1800, AKA Okna, AKA "Pricey?"

#4 Post by masterext »

I have two friends that both had pools put in their backyards 2 years ago. One guy over paid for his project and everytime i ask about it, he complains about how much he paid. However, the work is great and each time people come to his home, someone always compliments him on how nice his backyard looks.
My other friend got a much better deal and clearly under paid and likes to brag about what a great negotiator he is. What he doesnt brag about is how nice his pool and backyard looks. His concrete is cracking, his pavers are uneven, and his job clearly looks shoddy. Everytime I see him, he always mentions how “ the guy needs to come back” and fix something.
Who got the better deal? Who enjoys their yard more? Who had better material used ? I will give you a hint, its not the great negotiator.

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Re: Veridis 1800, AKA Okna, AKA "Pricey?"

#5 Post by toddinmn »

You really should get some more current bids and one that more comparable. You may want to look at some of Okna’s lower lines since they are quite good and better than the Harvey. I would also look at some other quality brands that get recommended here.

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