Thoughts on Replacement Quotes Central Ohio

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Thoughts on Replacement Quotes Central Ohio

#1 Post by Mailman »

As I posted previously after looking at window replacements 15 years ago and deciding instead to paint my 1942 wood windows 3 plus times since then, I am headed back down the rabbit hole looking at pocket replacements.

My original windows are a unique small push out casement surrounded by glass panes. As one dealer said, if we decide to go with him, he is going to have one installed in his office. Made me feel old. Anyways, I am going to go with all casement style with a cherry interior and a standard color exterior:

3 @ 19.125" x 49.5" casement (8 SDL)
5 @ 35.25" x 49.5" casement (16 SDL)
9 @ 35.25" x 45.5" casement (16 SDL)

House is a salt box two story built in 1942 with the majority of the original wood windows having a colonial style 16 pane window grid.

The grids give the house character, which we want to maintain, so a lot of the added costs in the below quotes lies in the SDL as this board has confirmed.

- Sunset (standard) I can not find anyone who sells the Restoration line in my area $21,870 with Ultra U Plus glass.
- Provia Endure $ 21,410 with DLA-UV glass
- Marvin Elevate $ 22,030 with Low E2 w/Argon glass. Quote also includes interior staining.

The quote for the Marvin Elevate came from the ProVia dealer. After looking at the total quoted amount for the Endure window, he said when he got back to the office, he was going to run the numbers with Marvin since the SDL ProVia cost might offset the cost of a wood/fiberglass window.

I am curious on the thoughts of members of this board. I did not think vinyl replacements would run that high, especially seeing some of the recent quotes posted. Maybe it is the market?

I was thinking of getting a Polaris quote, but think it will come out in the same range.

I am leaning towards the Marvin Elevate as the way to go, especially since they can stain it to match our current cherry casings and it seems to get decent reviews on here.

Now to buy that winning lottery ticket.

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Re: Thoughts on Replacement Quotes Central Ohio

#2 Post by HomeSealed »

SDL's are a very pricey option and you have some good sized windows along with laminate interior and an exterior other than white as well? That said, the Marvin pricing seems awfully aggressive, especially if coming from the same guy offering Provia. The staining alone probably adds $3k +/-, I wonder if he calculated something wrong on that quote.

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Re: Thoughts on Replacement Quotes Central Ohio

#3 Post by Delaware Mike »

Sunrise makes a much better casement than ProVia in regards to vinyl.

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Re: Thoughts on Replacement Quotes Central Ohio

#4 Post by Randy »

Sunrise does make a very nice casement window. Marvin’s Elevate series is a great choice when wood interiors are desired.

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Re: Thoughts on Replacement Quotes Central Ohio

#5 Post by uncle eddie »

I agree, the Sunrise casmenet is much better. I'd drop Provia

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Re: Thoughts on Replacement Quotes Central Ohio

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I will have to agree with my wise and informed colleagues above.

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