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Replacement window comparison DFW

#1 Post by skyler »

First time window buyer. House is 36 years old (I bought it 3 years ago) with original builders grade aluminum single hung units. They don't function well and the screens are bad so I wanted to replace them with more energy efficient and low maintenance vinyl (white) that function.

There are 10 single hung windows and I have 4 quotes installed by factory certified people. The warranty reviews on all scare me.

Quote #1- MI 1620 manufactured close by in Flower Mound TX. Limited lifetime warranty. They have the thickest vinyl and reinforced meeting rail. Low e double pane argon filled U factor .28 SHGC .20-.30. I like the way this product looks and feels but the only reviews I could find online were based on their cheap builders grade windows. $4928 installed

Quote #2- Pella Encompass series Warranty for the windows is 10 years and 8 years for the installation. The window is thinner overall than the other 3 that were quoted and had the thinnest frame for more visible glass. Low e double pane glass U factor .29, SHGC .23. I had them quote because they have been in the industry forever, but I did not like that in order to get the lowest price from them I have to finance through them. $11,649 unless I finance through them and then it is $8574 installed

Quote #3- Alside Mezzo series limited lifetime warranty. The frame has bevels that I am not fond of and a wider sash for less viewing area. I did like their screens the best. Low e double pane glass U Factor .28 SHGC .21 I had to call twice to get someone to come take measurements and waited 3 days for the quote that was supposed to be done that first day. I wasn't that impressed with the window quality either. $5445 installed

Quote #4- Burriss TectView AC series manufactured locally in Carrolton TX Limited warranty and a bunch of disclaimers on installation. They didn't bring any samples so I couldn't look at the window quality except to read reviews online, not so good. Low e standard U Factor .34 I couldn't find the SHGC rating. $4420 installed

Would love any feedback from those with experience. I am leaning toward the MI 1620 as I really liked the construction the best. I do not plan on selling the house anytime soon, so I want decent quality, I'm not sure that Pella is worth twice the price or the gimmick of their financing.

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Re: Replacement window comparison DFW

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I have been a certified Pella contractor since program inception, installing Pella windows for 35 years,I would not recommend their vinyl windows.
Out of those other three I would, though it pains me, say the MI units Not horrible but not great either.

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