Okna Window Price Increase? (Northern IL)

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Okna Window Price Increase? (Northern IL)

#1 Post by hostileharry »

Hi all -
I'm looking for a little guidance as I'm about to embark on my second whole house window replacement project. About 6 years ago I replaced ~45 Casement windows with Okna's (Starmark) triple pane, low-e, argon gas in my previous house and through the local dealer Strong Windows (South of Chicago) for a price of $30k. Strong is out of business and I'm refreshing this current house project and I want to understand if anyone cares to comment on price increases...

In 2018 I received pricing for ~38 Double Hung Okna Enviro-Star XR-9 (Triple Pane, LowE, Argon gas / 6 of the 38 are Double Pane / there is 1 picture window and 1 half circle top) from an IL based Okna dealer for about $650ish per window, right in line with my previous project. It was white/white no grids.

2021 - I'm seeing pricing in the ~$1,100 per window from the same dealer? (Albeit I did change from White/White to Black exterior and white interior and I'm waiting on a revised quote of just white/white to baseline).

The dealer mentioned the costs of windows has gone up + his labor. I get it... but this is moving my project from about $30k (there are also doors in the number) to $43k.

When I did my previous house I quoted out Okna, Sunrise, Anderson, Marvin (2 lines), and Pella. Okna won HANDS DOWN. Best performance and pricing without a question. Windows came in $650ish each, which is what I was still expecting.

Anyone have any thoughts or recommendations? Is Okna no longer the the price + performance leader? Should I be looking at something else?

Thank you,

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Re: Okna Window Price Increase? (Northern IL)

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I think the dealer had an impossible to maintain price back in 2018. That was at least $150 below virtually every single OKNA dealers absolute lowest price. I would see that window between $800 and $900 in the Philly region and many dealers are even more. I would expect a black exterior to add quite a bit as well as it's not just color window upcharge. Black capping and caulking should add to a premium over standard white or tan.

I'm seeing price increases at an insane volume from every manufacturer these days. I think we had like three of them with OKNA over the last 12-16 months. Covid and demand has our trade really crazy right now. I suspect the labor aspect of the dealer has changed quite a bit too. The day's of cheaper subs with wages that weren't keeping up with inflation are gone. There has been a complete "rapture" of window/door installers as the older guys are broke down and forced out of the field from what I'm seeing. Most of these guys have aged in dog years as they don't take care of themselves, thus at age 50, they're really like 65-years of age with all sorts of health issues. The guys that are out there can demand more in wages.

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Re: Okna Window Price Increase? (Northern IL)

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Have to agree with Mike.

Okna is still the best value.


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Re: Okna Window Price Increase? (Northern IL)

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Prices for virtually every home improvement product have gone up substantially this past year due to supply constraints.
Its only going to get worse as inflation is starting to seep into the economy. Prices for windows, siding, roofing, decking, doors, lumber, metals, tile, oil, and of course the price of labor is going up big time.
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Re: Okna Window Price Increase? (Northern IL)

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Not "virtually"....every.

I just got two, back to back, shingle increases.

Just filled my tank...first time it was over $100 in 4 years.

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Re: Okna Window Price Increase? (Northern IL)

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As long as the federal reserve artificially holds interest rates down from buying bonds to support an over valued stock market, the weaker the dollar will ultimately get and the higher inflation will become( look at where gold is trading). Inflation is already showing up in the aforementioned examples, what other proof does the federal reserve need? Wages are already going up, especially in our industry. Cant wait til there is a mandatory $15 minimum wage, thats going to be fun.
Market forces should dictate where rates are except in the most extreme cases.

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Re: Okna Window Price Increase? (Northern IL)

#7 Post by HomeSealed »

I have to agree with the other pros, that price nor the increase amount are out of line. Add a couple hundred per window for black, and double digit percentage increases on both the product and labor costs and that sounds about right. Still a great window, value can vary by dealer, but as long as those guys did a good job for you the first time around, the price is in the normal range so it sounds like a good option.

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