Soft-Lite Barrington/Element, Alside Preservation, Sunrise Essentials

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Soft-Lite Barrington/Element, Alside Preservation, Sunrise Essentials

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Good day Everyone!
Yes, this is another VS question. I've done my due diligence, gotten 6 quotes (Wife finds I'm nuts), got quoted from 11K to 21K for 20 Windows. I'm a thousand times more confused now than ever.

My thoughts/question:
So far I'm thinking that my top 3 (all double double glass) are Windows Direct (Essentials, High performance Solar plus 12), American WeatherTECHS (Preservation) and Windows Plus (Barrington/Element). The Windows Plus (Barrington) is by far the cheapest out of the 3. It's been my understanding here/other forums that worst to best would be Essentials, Barrington and Preservation. I've requested to get a quote for the Element as it seems to be on par/better than the Preservation.

I've gotten some windows installed by American WeatherTECHS and have been generally satisfied with the service/windows. BUT they are about 3 thousand more than the Barringtons and I'm not sure that the difference is worth that much compared to the Barrington.

So, I would guess that I'm either going to go with Windows Plus or American WeatherTECHS... If the Element quote comes in at the same price as the American WeatherTECH, should I opt for that instead? Is the Preservation worth 3K more (20 windows, most Double Hung) than the Barrington? By looking at the reviews, I'm thinking the Essentials is the lowest grade and they are also on the top end of the price range.

Thoughts? And sorry again for this type of question..the more I read, the more confused I get... sigh.

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Re: Soft-Lite Barrington/Element, Alside Preservation, Sunrise Essentials

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I'm not sure what you may have read about the Preservation, but I'd reverse your list. Its very dated, bulky, and not a top tier performer despite generally fetching a higher price. The pocket sill design on the double hungs is problematic. If this was your lowest priced option, it would still not be recommended.

On the other choices, yes the Elements is good as are the higher lines from Sunrise.

Beyond that, the owner of Windows Direct is a respected contributor here, a true pro, and runs a great operation. His outfit would be my vote here, you get a proven product in the Sunrise window and a proven, quality company for installation and service after the sale.

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Re: Soft-Lite Barrington/Element, Alside Preservation, Sunrise Essentials

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