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NT Window

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Hello! I'm looking at replacing 6 windows on my house. We are in Richardson Tx in a single story 1960's ranch style house. The windows on the front of the house were replaced before we bought it by Window Expo. I've got a couple of quotes from:
Lowes - ~$4300 - Pella 250
Home Depot - ~$4100 - Simonton 6100
Window Expo - ~$6300 - Anlin Del Mar
EcoView Windows - ~$3700 - NT Executive
Maverick Windows - ~$3600 - NT Executive

They were all relatively close to one another so I think I'm in the right ballpark, but just wanted to see if this is too high or too low for only 6 windows. Would appreciate another perspective.

A couple of extra details if it helps:
6 windows
5 are the horizontal slider windows
-63 x 51
-47 x 39 - two of these
-71 x 35
-35 x 35
1 is a picture window (above the shower)


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Re: NT Window

#2 Post by Randy »

I don’t typically comment much on pricing, unless it’s in the extremes. I’d say the NT pricing you have is pushing the boundary on the low side.

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