Casements vs Sliders vs DH

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Casements vs Sliders vs DH

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Hi Folks,

I'm looking at having 12-14 windows and 2 patio doors replaced. I'm trying to decide on several important details of the project including window style (casement vs sliders vs DH), installation method (insert windows vs full tearout) and glazing options.

First a bit about the current situation. I am located in the northern part of the midwest (cold country). The house was built in 1979 and has brick exterior. The current windows are the original windows and they are all Andersen casement windows with wood interior and what looks like an aluminum wrapped exterior frame. The window sashes, as well as the exterior aluminum wrapped frame, are a sandstone/terratone color. The windows look to be double pane but the space between panes is very small and I'm unsure if it was air filled or argon filled originally. Seven of the windows are approximately 46W x 34H (2 lite casement), two are 72W x 60H (3 lite window with picture in middle and casement on each end), two are 90W x 60H (one is a 3 lit bow and one is a 4 lite bay) and one is 20W x 33H (single casement). We have decided to replace the large bow and bay windows with flat windows as part of this window replacement project. The windows all feel quite cold in winder and we have condensation and frosting problems on several of them, the big bay window being the worst.

Now to the details we are trying to decide on. First for window style. As described above, most or our windows are rather wide and short. I don't know if 46" wide DHs are even available. I would guess they can mull two DH windows together the same as they do for casements. However, neither my wife nor I prefer the look of a short and wide single DH or two DHs mulled together as you then have a vertical mullion and the horizontal obstruction of the DH. For these reasons we have pretty much eliminated DHs as an option.

In my research I have learned that sliders are known to be leakier than casements and the thought of spending thousands and ending up with windows that leak more than we'd like is almost depressing. So I think that leaves us with casements. Casements look to have very low AI numbers to that sounds great. They are more costly so that is a negative but every option has it's pluses and minuses.

So for casement windows, which window manufacturers make a good quality casement window? I know that Okna, Sunrise, Soft-Lite have all been stated to make high quality vinyl windows. However, DH must be the most popular window out there because most literature seems to give more DH info compared to slider and casement info.

I'm working on getting quotes from several window companies. I already have a quote for ProVia Endure casements and still plan to get quotes for Okna, Sunrise, and Soft-Lite. I like what I have seen of the ProVia Endure casements so far. The main specs (U-Factor, SHGC, VT, AI, CR) all seem to be right there with the Okna Casement 700 and 750 Series windows. I've ready a lot of positive about Okna on this forum. The only thing I wasn't crazy about with the ProVia Endure window is there vinyl frame insulation. I've seen better foam filling by others. Comparing CASEMENT windows from ProVia, Okna, Sunrise, and Soft-Lite what is everyone's experience/opinions/thought?

For installation method and glazing options I think each situation is a bit unique. I've learned a lot about glazing options in other posts that I've been asking questions in and receiving great feedback.

Sorry for the lengthy post. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Re: Casements vs Sliders vs DH

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46" is doable with a good window in a DH...but they do look "fat" if they are short. Not a great look.

Sliders do leak more air than DH and more than casements.

All the good brands have a good casement equivalent.

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