Replacing original vinyl construction windows

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Replacing original vinyl construction windows

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My new home is 20 years old and has what I think are vinyl new construction windows.

I went to see my local OKNA window deal, Ace Home Improvement (use to be Ace Aluminum). I asked about the Okna 800. They quoted me $725 a window installed on 30 windows.

However, after explaining that the original constructions windows were vinyl, the salesman told me that you can't replace original vinyl construction windows with vinyl replacement windows. He told me that I would need to rip out the old vinyl window completely and replace with a new construction vinyl window.

He told me the Okna 800 isn't a new construction window and that he could install a new construction Okna 500 for $750/window. I have bricks on the front of my house and siding on the sides and back. He said he would have to see the bricks to know if he would use a replacement window for that vs new construction window.

He also said that the Okna 500 is just as good as the Okna 800, with just a bit thinner vinyl.

What is everybody's though on needing new construction windows vs vinyl replacement windows?



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Re: Replacing original vinyl construction windows

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More feedback in that other thread, but the 800 can be outfitting to be new construction, but the guys don't enjoy it. If you are looking for an integrated flange that is part of the extrusion, the 550 is your option.

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