Majestic vs Okna 800

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Majestic vs Okna 800

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Hi guys,

Just got my first quote for 10 Majestic windows with the Energy Elite package for $8000. Is this a good price? Basically we are looking at $800 per window. All windows are double hung and will include half screens. The price include removal, disposal etc....

This week, we will have estimate for Okna 800 windows.

We currently have wood windows that are mostly rotted and I am sure there is some rotted wood that will need to be replaced etc....

Both dealers are good installers.

If both windows come down to the same price which one would you select? And if the Okna package comes back says at $9000 (ie $100 more per window), should we go for Okna?

We are brand agnostic. We just want a good installation. The majestic guy really likes Majestic and he came recommended. I am not sure but $800 seems a lot for an unknown brand....

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Re: Majestic vs Okna 800

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What state are you in?
pricing looks competitive.

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Re: Majestic vs Okna 800

#3 Post by toddinmn »

Majestic may be smaller but it is not unknown. It is still a top 100 window company with a long history. Quality vinyl windows often fall into this category including Okna. I would guess 99 out of 100 consumers could name 1 top quality vinyl window and the ones that could did Much more research or got lucky and came to a board such as this. It is really a strange market and it is a shame that cheap windows dominate. I would get your Okna bid and if it’s cheaper you got your answer. If it’s more go with your gut, I don’t think you can lose .

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Re: Majestic vs Okna 800

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With out a doubt having used both. The 800DX is a better window.

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Re: Majestic vs Okna 800

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Can't add much to what was said already. 800 is one of the top 2 or 3 vinyl windows in the country if you ask me.

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Re: Majestic vs Okna 800

#6 Post by HomeSealed »

I agree with the other pros. The 800 is measurably better. On product alone, another hundred or more per window would be justified in my opinion. I say product alone because the installation details and reputation of the company involved should be weighted as well. That could widen or tighten the answer to what is an "appropriate" price difference accordingly.

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