Starmark vs OKNA vs Soft-lite

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Starmark vs OKNA vs Soft-lite

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So, my window saga continues....

The person who told me about replacing vinyl windows with full construction windows had their associate call me back and we spoke for a while.

While the person at the showroom mentioned Okna 500s for full construction replacement of my Vinyl windows at $750/installed, this person mentioned Starmark (Which is the same company I believe - just a composite vs Vinyl window). They mentioned a price of $950 installed. They said they have done many homes in my development. They are coming out on Friday to take a look. They have been around a long time in my area. Some people love them them, some not so much.

I also heard back from the soft-lite dealer/installer - He offered me imperial elite installed for around $750/window. I wanted to make sure that he was aware that we had vinyl windows currently - he said it made no difference in his price, but he would send out his estimator to take a look. I am waiting to hear back from them.

I do have around 30 windows plus a patio door to replace - so it is a big job.


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Re: Starmark vs OKNA vs Soft-lite

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In that comparison, the 500 is the better window and the Starmark is better than the 500.

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Re: Starmark vs OKNA vs Soft-lite

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First of all, nice job in narrowing your search to good choices. Secondly, that price is a STEAL for the Starmark composite which is a phenomenal window when you combine the looks and performance. I'd take that choice in a heartbeat. The other choices are very good, but that is really a great price and a better value for a product that really doesn't have anything that rivals it on the market. If that's the same guy offering the SM and 500, he's taking a lower margin on the SM.

Touch, feel, and operate all three of these and that will fill in some gaps for you.

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