One more question

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One more question

#1 Post by joestein514 »

I am trying to get an estimate from one more window vendor in the area. They sell a bunch of brands:

Silverline by Andersen
Crystal Windows (mfg in NYC, Chicago, St. Louis and Riverside,CA)

I can already guess you don't think Pella, Silverline and Alside are anything special.

But what about Marvin and Crystal windows? Any thoughts?


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Re: One more question

#2 Post by HomeSealed »

joestein, you had GREAT options at fair prices in your other thread! Don't overthink this, and don't be tricked by what will probably be a really low price from this vendor. Why do I say that? Because no good window company that does both quality and volume will offer so many options, and with most of them being terrible. There is nothing wrong with offering more than one window line, after all, different customers have different wants and needs. That said, when low end redundancy exists like offering Silverline, Crystal, and Alside vinyl, that is a red flag.

Marvin makes quality windows, and some guys like some of the Pella products. That said, you are in a very different space in terms of how you want your window to look and perform compared to the Elements, Okna, and Starmark options that you were considering. If you want the looks of a wood window and don't care about the loss of performance, then they may be fine options for you. Not sure that I'd want this guy putting them in, again based on offering every window under the sun and a year's worth of free car washes, but if they better fit what you are looking for they are fine options (particularly Marvin products in my own opinion).

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Re: One more question

#3 Post by Ricknez »

Crystal and Silverline are total garbage. Unless you want the cheapest looking windows in the world, stick to your original quotes.

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Re: One more question

#4 Post by uncle eddie »

Yep. You are going backwards here. Most visitors start with this type of thread and finish with your other one after education themselves.

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