Okna 600/800 versus Reliabilt 3900

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Okna 600/800 versus Reliabilt 3900

#1 Post by grlmopz »

Hi all,

We are *very* close to pulling the trigger on a set of Okna 600s or 800s, but we've just been offered Reliabilt 3900s for approximately the same price. (Apparently, this is triple-pane glass with a U-factor of 0.20; I can't find any of the other specs.)

I can find lots of information indicating that 3500s are not comparable to the Oknas, but very little comparing them to the 3900s. Trying to make sure we leave no stone unturned before our final purchase.

(It'll take seven months to get the Oknas installed, but only a month or two for the others.)


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Re: Okna 600/800 versus Reliabilt 3900

#2 Post by Randy »

Reliabilt windows are bottom of the barrel, and not in the same league as anything Okna makes. Whether it’s construction quality, manufacturing tolerances, Air Leakage ratings, Design Pressure ratings, or any other measure which indicates how well a window is built, Okna is the clear winner in that comparison.

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Re: Okna 600/800 versus Reliabilt 3900

#3 Post by toddinmn »

The 3900 actually has pretty Good DP ratings and air numbers. Definitely not on par with the Okna’s but not not bottom of barrel either.

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Re: Okna 600/800 versus Reliabilt 3900

#4 Post by Ricknez »

The reliabilt looked extremely bulky and outdated. It didnt come across as quality to me.

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Re: Okna 600/800 versus Reliabilt 3900

#5 Post by Windows on Washington »

+1 to the idea that they are outdated. Not sure that is a fair comparison.

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Re: Okna 600/800 versus Reliabilt 3900

#6 Post by HomeSealed »

I'll echo what the other pros have said. Easy choice for Okna. If they are comparably priced, you are either getting a great deal on the Okna's or the RB dealer (lowes?) may be using the current high level of demand to improve his margins.

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Re: Okna 600/800 versus Reliabilt 3900

#7 Post by TheWindowNerd »

I too would suggest the Okna.

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