Leak in window

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Re: Leak in window

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The window seems to be pushed out further than it should be. When you have an insert that sticks out past the sheathing the drip cap is essential. Not sure why they would use a head expander that is pushed all the way down.

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Re: Leak in window

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Ricknez wrote: Tue Aug 24, 2021 3:22 pm
Dhcochran10 wrote: Tue Aug 24, 2021 3:18 pm I don’t think there is a drip cap just the window. I will do the hose test, that’s all good info. I was told no flashing was used just screws and sealant around replacement window..

Thank you
You wouldnt use flashing tape with a replacement window install. It would only be used with a new construction installation.
They are correct when they say they would only use “ screws and sealants” with a replacement window install. The problem is either the cedar board or the mortar, not the window install imo…
you should stick to commenting on window treatments rick nez. Do you see a buck frame or trim between the new frame and brick? I don't. Obviously its not a replacement install. There is no room for flashing tape or nail flange on the sides, but it could have and probably should have been used on the top. This is probably an installation issue.

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Re: Leak in window

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More than likely the problem could have been avoided with a retro fitted drip cap.
I believe the installer should have done that considering the exposure. Looks as if the siding and vertical trim/termination board are not caulked to the brick, if so the easy point of water entry.
There have been times we have retro fitted drips behind the sheathing because there is no WRB or we figure it is full of holes.
Recently got a call back about a 2017 install and interior rot. Went and looked at it yesterday. No usual suspects. Drip cap and capping all good and sealed. This elevation is 49 year old aluminum siding. The siding has a joint directly above the left and right vertical legs, seems like he new construction guys never heard about no joint directly above the windows.
But that was previously caulked be fore we got there and it is still sealed. way up higher a gable end vent has been replaced and face caulked. Need a 40' ladder to check that.


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Re: Leak in window

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While you never like to face nail siding back in, the best thing would have been to remove that bottom section of siding when the window was coming out, install a proper head flashing detail as mentioned by all the pros on here, than then just face nail that section of siding back in.

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