Replacing an aluminum window

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Replacing an aluminum window

#1 Post by Michelle »

Hey everyone,

Im looking to replace an old aluminum window (shown in pictures) and want to use a vinyl retrofit window.

Whats the best way to do so in my case? Should I cutback the aluminum or remove the old aluminum window altogether?

I pulled back an interior aluminum trim and there seems to be a 1/2” piece of wood between the window and wall as shown in pictures. Also, the exterior window frame is about 3” on the left and right side so a typical vinyl retrofits flanges arent wide enough to cover if I were to install a retro window inside the current aluminum.

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Re: Replacing an aluminum window

#2 Post by toddinmn »

I’d remove the Exterior trim and take the window out whole. I don’t see why you could not use a new window with a fin.

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Windows on Washington
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Re: Replacing an aluminum window

#3 Post by Windows on Washington »

If everything is removed, like Todd said, you could use a finned application.

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Re: Replacing an aluminum window

#4 Post by Delaware Mike »

I like a flanged new construction unit too, however not seeing everything regarding the finish work I would write my contract stating that if the flange didn't allow the interior set to make sense, the installers could in the field simply zip the flange off the frame to allow for a deeper pocket set. It's nice to be able to discuss pros and cons during the install and make those kinds of calls.

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Re: Replacing an aluminum window

#5 Post by TheWindowNerd »

Most typically we would do a vinyl insert replacement unit with out a flange.
Would fit the new unit inside the drywall pocket. Measure tight in the width, deduct 1/4" in the height.
Remove existing sash, remove frame, install new, foam, caulk and or trim interior, cap and seal exterior.


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