Should I avoid aluminum clad wood windows?

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Should I avoid aluminum clad wood windows?

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I've read in a few places that aluminum clad windows have moisture issues between the wood and cladding. Is that still the case? I'm looking for a wood interior and a white exterior. I've noticed that many of the options in this category are aluminum clad with fewer options clad in other materials.


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Re: Should I avoid aluminum clad wood windows?

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I do not think it matters if it is vinyl clad, aluminum clad, fiberex clad, or fiberglass clad.
It matters how they do it and what the warranty is.
In aluminum clad having extruded aluminum cladding is best.


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Re: Should I avoid aluminum clad wood windows?

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The design of the cladding is more important than the material. Assuming, of course, the cladding you are talking about isn't cotton candy or something similarly dissolved in water.

The issues with the more notable aluminum clad windows were an inherent design issue compounded by a cheap selection in cladding mill thickness.

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Re: Should I avoid aluminum clad wood windows?

#4 Post by HomeSealed »

Good advice above.

- Most decent wood/clad windows available today have made design improvements to mitigate the moisture between the wood and cladding.

- That said, if you have any concern about interior condensation in your area (if you are in a colder climate, particularly with a newer, well-sealed home), you may want to keep that in mind as well. The pine that is used on most windows today absorbs water like a sponge.

- Lastly, most wood clad windows leave much to be desired when it comes to energy performance (u value, air leakage, etc).

Bottom line: Avoid wood/clad if you want a window that will last 20+ years without much maintenance, and/or you are looking for a very energy efficient and airtight option. If however those items are secondary to a want (or need) for a rich, wood interior, then go for it as long as you have realistic expectations.

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