Okna low e glass window treatment

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Okna low e glass window treatment

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I would like to know what Okna calls it's windows that you see out but people can't look into the window. Do all manufacturers call it the same. I think it is something to do with the low e glass and how they apply it to the triple pane window. So if you were ordering a window what do you tell them.

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Re: Okna low e glass window treatment

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It sounds like you are talking about one way glass (mirror on one side, see through from the other). That is not an option offered by most window manufacturers including Okna. You can however buy window films to achieve the same result.

If otoh you are talking about just a general reflection during daylight hours, that can come with most windows to some degree. Nothing special to ask for.

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Re: Okna low e glass window treatment

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Unless you want your home to look like a detective bureau and you are interrogating robbery suspects, why would you want it ?

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