How to pick between Soft-Lite, Sunrise & Okna?

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How to pick between Soft-Lite, Sunrise & Okna?

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Like many readers here, I started researching the best window products on this forum. However, I am a contractor and so I have been educating myself more to sell only the finest products on the market.

I've been lurking on this forum for a couple of years now and I'm in the process of becoming a Sunrise authorized dealer in the Chicagoland area after researching them more in-depth (thanks to this forum!).

The one thing that sparks my curiosity is as a contractor, in what situations do you choose between offering the homeowner a Soft-Lite / Sunrise / Okna window (the top 3 favorites on this forum).

I mean the little nit-picky details, such as how Sunrise casements have a beautiful interior frame design that replicates Marvin's wood window design almost identically. So if the house is all casement windows, you can recommend this option. But if it was double-hung windows for instance, would you recommend a different brand from the 3 listed above?

All three companies are favorites on this forum for being great performers compared to the industry standard, but when do you recommend one brand over another?

Here is a list of questions I have. Let's assume we are talking about only vinyl products from Soft-Lite, Sunrise, and Okna (no Starmark Evo composites).

1) Which brand/model do you go with when it comes down to best value?

2) Do you recommend a certain brand for only a certain style of window that they produce phenomenally?

3) Which brand/model has the best engineering/performance that you have gotten great feedback on from homeowners?

4) Which company is the most well-put-together? From customer service to logistics, etc.

5) Any other reasons why you sell / recommend one brand over another?

Thanks, looking forward to reading your responses. I'm just trying to learn more about how each company compares to one another, so I can possibly expand my product line and offer the best industry-tested solutions.

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Re: How to pick between Soft-Lite, Sunrise & Okna?

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I have been a dealer of all three.
Right now I am pleased with Okna. Best overall offering with the least amount of agg.
I did try to reopen my Sunrise account, they would not do cuz they could not handle the volume and the agg during the sell of the company.
Soft lite QC drove me away, and contacts continue to say it is bad.
I do not like to be single sourced any any major offering. To that end we do maintain and are expanding our Vytex offerings.

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Re: How to pick between Soft-Lite, Sunrise & Okna?

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