Vinyl recommendations

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Re: Vinyl recommendations

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Looks like you are making progress.
I would avoid the arm twisting outfits. I have a low threshold for that type of pain.

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Re: Vinyl recommendations

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uncle eddie wrote: Mon Jul 18, 2022 3:44 pm
You answered your own question. Window companies have to go to extraordinary lengths to educate people about why their window is legitimately 2 x's more expensive than another option, AND a better value at that. You might say that consumers are smart and can educate themselves - which should be true- yet here you are asking about 3 bad window choices from a bad choice for installation.
Uncle Eddie's old post could probably apply here to some degree. I'd be careful about making a rash judgement on a given company unless there are some serious red flags, like fabricated energy savings guarantees, etc, or a trail of negative reviews indicating unsavory tactics. A good company can have an efficient sales process, the bad ones just tend to "abuse" similar processes.

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Re: Vinyl recommendations

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@ Lexn

Wondering if you ever moved forward with your project - what brand you ended up going with? I'm in the North East as well and was curious how you made out.

Any info is appreciated.

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Re: Vinyl recommendations

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Most folks rarely post back. Maybe they will be the exception. What part of the NE are you in?

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