Shucco experts - What next?

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Shucco experts - What next?

#1 Post by mybaby2028 » Fri Oct 08, 2004 1:59 pm

I was misrepresented by a Shucco dealer and didn't get the windows I wanted/ordered. Shucco doesn't offer anything that would fully correct the probblem. And, I NEVER would have done business with them if I had known this from the beginning.
They "painfully" offered a $1000.00 discount to get me to accept the windows - Considering the person who offered the discount thought the price I paid was for triple pane when it was actually double pane, it makes me believe $1000 ain't nothing and I overpaid anyway. Regardless, the $1000 isn't going to help when I'd have to stare @ windows I hate every day.
I have considered trying their contoured grids (even though they really tried to convince me they are junk) or going w/ another company and telling them where to put the windows. Not sure what I am going to do (especially since it took about a month to get to this point). And, one of the windows (a giant bay), is still sitting on my back deck. So, my question to the experts is:
If I tell the dealer I don't want the windows since they aren't what was represented to me and what I thought I ordered, what happens next?
Please help! Thanks.

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Not a Schuco expert, but..........

#2 Post by WVUGUY » Sat Oct 09, 2004 11:36 am appers the dealer "simply" violated the terms of your contract. And, that probably has NOTHING to do with Schuco itself. Believe me, if the mistake in this case belonged to Schuco, you can bet your life the dealer would be all over them to make it right.

While I'm not a lawyer, I personally think you'd be completely within your right to cancel the contract due to non-performance. The dealer, on the other hand, will likely do everything in his power to keep you from doing so.....including threaten to file suit. The fact, however, that he's ALREADY offered you a discount indicates to me it's THEIR fault, and the ball is firmly in YOUR court.

Before you do ANYTHING else, get your contract out and read ALL the fine print. Without knowing your personal situation, it's at least possible that he purchased EXACTLY what the contract stated, and you simply didn't notice it when you signed. Again, he's already offered you "hush" money, but I still just don't want you to hang YOURSELF out to dry before more serious accusations start flying.

Assuming that's not the case, I'd have NO hesitation in calling Schuco directly. Granted, the dealer (and not you) is THEIR customer. But, I suspect they'd admit to a stake in this situation. After all, THEY want satisfied users AND ethical dealers. They may get behind you, especially if irrefutable proof exists that the dealer screwed up.

Of course, since this IS America, you could insist on further "incentives" to continue with the project as it presently stands. That, of course, assumes you're still interested in the dealer and what he has to sell you. If you and the dealer have not as yet become completely adversarial, this may work to BOTH your benefits.

Good luck !!!!!!!!!!

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