U-Factor equals exactly what in terms of cost savings

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U-Factor equals exactly what in terms of cost savings

#1 Post by rsb66 » Thu Oct 07, 2004 8:46 am

Thought I'd post this on the new board also.

I've been researching windows for a couple weeks now. I'm replacing all my Windows in the house including patio door. The U-factor is a good indication of how efficient a window is. However, many quality vinyl and composite window have u-factors of 0.27 - 0.31.

Having a heating bill of lets say 250.00/month, exactly (ok roughly) what in terms of cost savings will I save if I purchase windows with a u-factor of 0.30 than one with a 0.28 rating?

This would help justify the cost difference over time between one Vendor and the other. I would eventually like to see some return on an investment like this.

I am down to three vendors. Champion, Newpro and Schuco.

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#2 Post by E-Z » Thu Oct 07, 2004 12:45 pm


Your savings will depend on what part of the country youre in as every region varies. The following website has a downloadble software that can help you find out exactly your estimated savings based on the u values of your window.


Good luck

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#3 Post by FenEx » Fri Oct 08, 2004 5:10 pm

The difference in BTU loss or gain from windows with a U of 0.28 to one with 0.30 would be relatively insignificant in energy cost savings. However, if your concern is return on investment, that changes things a bit. Spending a bit more on a window that is better built, better performing and better engineered with features to achieve better ratings... may pay off in more ways than one. Unlike "insulation", qulaity windows have great aesthetic value.... returning their investment by 60-74% the day they are installed. Very few things in your home offer this return. I suggest taking the remaining percentage of the window investment and having the savings to investment ratio performed. Add to this, a quieter and more comfortable home.

I usually don't recommend the sites offering savings analysis. In homes I have personally tested and rated by EPA standards... they are not even close. There are waaayyyyyy to many variables.

Good Luck


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