Marvin Integrity or Lindsay Healthy

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Marvin Integrity or Lindsay Healthy

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I live in an area with climate extremes (winters down to -20, summers up to 90+). I thought I had my mind made up to go with Marvin Integrity as replacements for casement windows as well as a sliding glass patio door, but after meeting with a rep that sells both of the above I'm not as sure. It's pretty easy to find a lot of opinions on Marvin Integrity but there's not so much information on the Lindsey Healthy line (or Lindsay in general). ... hy-windows

I understand I'm comparing fiberglass to vinyl and had concluded the stability of fiberglass might be better for our climate, although opinions on vinyl vs. fiberglass seem varied.

The rep clearly favors the Lindsay, based on the lifetime/transferable warranty they offer as well as the Super Spacer edge seal. He also offered the opinion that Marvin Integrity is a low-end builder grade window. He said the price point would be similar in both lines.

Resale value could be an issue and in this instance I think Marvin would be the brand people have heard of, but the Lindsay warranty should be a bonus.

I'm also open to alternatives that are available in the Madison WI area. Any opinions are very much appreciated.

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