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window screen storage

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Does anyone make some sort of storage box/bin for storing window screens in the winter time?

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Re: window screen storage

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Not to my knowledge. Might be pretty easy to fab up out of some scrap lumber.

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Re: window screen storage

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A large cardboard box could be cut, taped and remade into a storage box for the screens, then stored in a garage or storage shed. A siding product, "fanfold" insulation board could also be used to easily make a storage box. It's about $30 for 200 sq. feet of it (4' x 50'). Get some tyvek tape and make any size or shape of box you wish. It is available at any Home Depot or Lowes.

Are these window screens that you are wanting to store from newly installed windows? If so, storing them is not really necessary unless you just want a better view for the winter.
The practice of storing screens did not come from the need to take them off and protect them from the winter elements. It came from the old days where wood-framed screens were taken off to make room for the wooden storms to go on. Thus the summer screens needed to be stored and protected for the next summer.

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Re: window screen storage

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+1. I've never seen anything pre-made as for one, most people leave the screens on all year round, and for two, there are so many different sizes and shapes that it wouldn't be practical. I personally like to take off my casement screens during the winter months and I just stack them against the wall in the basement. Building a box out of the above mentioned materials would not be a bad idea for protection. Depending on the size and shape, you might be able to find a box that would work from a shipping store or something like that.

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Re: window screen storage

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You could find a local AW fabicater and ask to have a couple of window boxes or screen boxes.

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Re: window screen storage

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I know this is years old, but just in case someone else stumbles here like I did:

I used to work for a screen printing shop with silk screens. The owner was clever and resourceful, and he used deli racks to store his screens, and if they were smaller he cut plywood shelves to slot inside. They're aluminum and have casters on them. You could probably find wider ones like they use to roll into the ovens that would better suit a window.

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