Are storm windows a thing of the past?

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Are storm windows a thing of the past?

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As I paint the sill, I'm convinced that my aluminum/glass storm windows have helped my old double pane wood windows survive the years.. But Ive read installing storm windows over new vinyl windows could actually hurt performance by over heating and warping the window.. :shock:

Pretty sure we all agree how important storm doors are, so why does it seem storm windows are a thing of the past? Aren't there any decent wood windows sold these days that would benefit with a storm window outside keeping the window and sill dry?

What's a decent window outlet in Iowa City Cedar rapids area that would sell diy windows for another property?


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Re: Are storm windows a thing of the past?

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You are right that they probably preserved your wood windows. are 100% right. They are mostly a thing of a past now from the operability stand point (i.e. ease of use) as well as the fact that Low-e rejects heat and there are concerns of a Low-e equip window and a storm creating a super heated trapped space of air.

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Re: Are storm windows a thing of the past?

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+1. Insulated glass (double or triple pane), low e coatings, air tight designs, and inorganic exterior window materials have all made storms unneeded at best when newer windows are in place, and often detrimental as explained above. They still perform a function for folks that want to maintain their original, single pane wood windows for a variety of reasons, but no need for the extra expense or hassle if you are replacing your windows.

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