Brick home remodel

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Brick home remodel

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Read through all the relevant posts I could find -- sorry if I missed any that might answer my questions.

Here's were we stand.

50 year old Brick home. Original windows are Anderson, about an even mix of casement & double-hung with one large bow window. Ten windows total.

5 windows would be eligible for inserts, 3 will be/are new openings (punch hole in brick, install lintel, frame up opening, minor brickwork to dress), 1 is an existing window opening that will be shrunk and, lastly, the bow window.

DIY because a) I can & b) don't have the extra cash to pay someone for the install, so I need to be able to buy direct.

I've used Polaris Ultrawelds in the past and was happy with them (plus they are relativity local).

This is a full remodel so I'm not concerned about access or cleanliness -- all the drywall/plaster is coming off.

Looking for advise as to how to proceed. Full tear out of the 5 existing windows? Inserts in the 5 and new construction for the rest? New construction windows all around? Inserts all around with bucks for the new ones? And, of course, Mfg recommendations especially if it's a mix of inserts & new construction.

Any advise is greatly appreciated!

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Re: Brick home remodel

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If you are doing new brick openings, I would recommend a full tear out application on the remaining units and then just have all the trim details on both the exterior and interior matched.

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