Metal vs non-metal and Sagging?

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Metal vs non-metal and Sagging?

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I'm in the market for new windows and I have been doing a lot of research in general. I'll be posting another questions in another thread soon. Anyway, I have some questions on spacers. I've been getting conflicting information from sales reps and general internet research. I'm not sure how much of the information is outdated or just wrong. I figured I would post something in here to get more recent information.

My understanding was that non-metal spacers are better. They do a better job with temp transfer, condensation, leakag, etc. Now I'm reading that stainless steel is not that far off from non-metal which I'm not entirely sure I believe, but I'm not a window person. It seems that the wood windows tend to have metal spacers where vinyl tends to have non-metal. So here is where my question comes in. I have some large windows that face west. The first rep that came out sells Marvin wood windows and a good vinyl window. His recommendation was to go vinyl and mentioned the superior spacer. The second rep also sells Marvin wood window sand good vinyl window. His recommendation was to go with Marvin wood because of the size of the windows. He felt that vinyl was too weak on that size window, especially facing west. I asked about the spacer and he said he would rather have a metal spacer on these windows because he felt vinyl wood get too hot and cause sagging in the non-metal spacers. He pointed to Swiggle spacers having a problem like this.

I found it interesting that both companies sell Marvin wood and vinyl windows, but I got two different answers. I'm on the east coast.

The window dimensions on this picture are:
Opening - 88.5" wide x 112" tall (roughly at the apex)
Two side windows are 19.5" wide x 55" tall
Spring windows is 25" wide x 75" tall (at apex)
The half moon (I forget what it is called) is 88.5" wide x 19.5" tall

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Re: Metal vs non-metal and Sagging?

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That other thread in the general will get the answers.

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