DFW windows, lost in the options

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DFW windows, lost in the options

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Hi all,

I've got a ~45 year old single story ranch style house in the DFW suburbs, the kind of neighborhood where everyone in the surrounding blocks is one of like 5 variations of fox&jacob style houses. I was looking at what works best here.

The house has a brick veneer and what appears to be thin, single-pane, aluminum(?) framed, oriel sash, single hung windows for the most part with 1 additional sliding window in the back bedroom. These are all original windows.

To give you an idea of what sizes -
11 23x71
2 32x51 (connected as 1 window)
2 43.5x51 (connected as 1 window)
3 36x71
1 74X36 (sliding)

I've only so far gotten one quote, and it was for Reliabuilt 3050 single hung vinyl replacements. ( " Dual pane, extra strength glass, argon, Ultra Low-e U-Value:0.30, SHGC:0.23")
That quote came to ~10,700 for the lot, so ~635/window installed.

I read on this forum a general dislike for this brand, and I wonder if this is on the high side for these windows or if they are even something I should seriously consider.

80-85% of the house has a brick veneer, and just thinking about putting thick-framed vinyl windows in behind that brick seems like it would look horrible. I realize getting out of ancient 3/4" frame single-glazing windows has tradeoffs like this, but I wonder if there are better windows, with slimmer profiles and still energy efficient.

Here in Dallas the winters are not brutal, but they do require running the gas furnace. It's the summers that cost you. What I am most concerned with is air leakage and radiant heat, with a secondary focus on aesthetics and cost.

Should I even consider these big-box brands and installers or are there some better choices for reasonable costs? What even *would* be a reasonable per/window cost for this type of window? I have a little bit of time to contemplate this since I am going to have the slab foundation fixed all the way around and I expect I'll want to wait a season or two before replacing the windows anyhow.

Thanks for any guidance,


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Re: DFW windows, lost in the options

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Paging Randy....

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Re: DFW windows, lost in the options

#3 Post by Randy »

I’m not a fan of thick vinyl windows either, but they have to be fairly beefy if you want them to endure. Thin framed vinyl windows are flimsy and will warp and bow in the heat in no time.

Best brand you have access to in DFW is Sunrise. Wouldn’t recommend Reliabilt at all.

Thermally-broken aluminum is my preferred product, but it doesn’t meet the code requirements in your area, because our betters in government always know what’s best for us simpletons. Window World and like companies are selling thousands of low-end, cheap vinyl windows, many of which will be in landfills in the next 20 years, but they meet the government standards. Go figure.

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