How to select an installer?

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How to select an installer?

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Once I've selected the specifics of the windows I'd like, does anyone have any suggestions as to how to select the distributor/installer of those windows?

I get the general flow of: read reviews, ask for references... But aside from that stuff, are there specific aspects of a quote I should compare? Or if 2 installers quote me a price for the same windows and the reviews of both look reasonable, should I just select the lowest priced quote?

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Re: How to select an installer?

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If you have selected a window that you like, contact the manufacturer for a referral. They will provide a reputable account that pays their bills and will do a good job in most cases.

If you already have a couple of quotes for the same window that you like, I'd suggest vetting the proposals to make sure that everything is apples to apples. If the price is close, I'd opt for the company that you feel is more trustworthy as opposed to saving a couple bucks (or if you like the cheaper guy better then thats a bonus). Keep in mind that this is an investment with a 30+ year service life if a good product/installer is chosen... If there is a large discrepancy in price, I'd suggest digging to find out why as opposed to just jumping on the low bid. Are there companies out there that gouge? Sure. There are also many more companies that are here today gone tomorrow because they don't understand how to price their services sustainably, and/or cut corners to save a buck.

Beyond that, referrals, reviews, and references are great to check out. Every company has a customer that is impossible to please from time to time, but you should be able to find a company that has overwhelmingly positive reviews, and in a sufficient volume.

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Re: How to select an installer?

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