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Caulk question

#1 Post by arcticcircle »

I have a caulking question for the attached window. I'm replacing the casing here and when I removed the old casing (shown in the image) I was only seeing caulk around the brick, in the corners of the cases and where the case meets the window pane.

I'm wondering what if anything needs to be between the case and the vinyl siding?

Also, is there a specific name for this type of window when looking for info online?

Thank you for any help / info you can provide.

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Re: Caulk question

#2 Post by toddinmn »

If the window was flashed correctly It would not need caulk which also looks much better IMO. In your case I don’t know how the window was flashed nor am I sure of what your doing. If you do caulk it be careful since a bad caulk job can make even a good siding job look like crap.

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