Okna 600 vs. Provia Aspect

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Okna 600 vs. Provia Aspect

#1 Post by ngc1977 »

I'm in the process of getting a few bids on 8 replacement double-hung windows, and so far my top two contenders are Okna 600 and Provia Aspect.

Comparing apples/apples, for the 8 windows installed plus full screens, the Okna cost is $7000 (875 per) and the Provia are $6640 (830 per). Are these reasonable quotes in today's market, and which would be the better value? Considering that I'll likely be moving out in a year or so and renting the place out, would this be a worthwhile investment?

Many thanks!
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Re: Okna 600 vs. Provia Aspect

#2 Post by toddinmn »

Prices very much in line, the 600 is the better window.

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Re: Okna 600 vs. Provia Aspect

#3 Post by HomeSealed »

It's hard to say for sure about the pricing as there are many factors, however even for a most basic window and install, $7k for 8 high end windows is a pretty good deal at worst. The average pricing for that Okna 600 is probably well north of $1k per unit these days from a reputable dealer.

As for the product, it's not apples to apples. The Aspect is not provia's top window, but even their higher end Endure is still a few notches below that Okna 600. This is a very easy choice for the premium of a few hundred bucks for a much better window.

Is it a worthwhile investment? I'd say so. Don't expect the windows to pay for themselves in energy savings, however they will save some money there, in addition to around a 70% ROI in the value of your home per the Cost vs Value report. If you plan on holding the property for a while after you move out, it still makes sense to get a quality product to mitigate service issues. Nice "selling feature" for tenants as well if they pay the heating bill, or just added savings for you if you do.
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Re: Okna 600 vs. Provia Aspect

#4 Post by ngc1977 »

From what I've read here so far, I'm not surprised that the Oknas have the edge on quality. All three Provia quotes including the Endure and budget "EcoLite" were within $1000 so I think they were just trying to up-sell the Endure.

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Re: Okna 600 vs. Provia Aspect

#5 Post by Delaware Mike »

I sell and install both brands and series and can tell you with 100% certainty, the 600 is a better window and it has more to do with the vinyl extrusion engineering. The OKNA lines are tighter at the meeting rails regarding air leakage. Folks get super giddy with the fancy Duo-Tech locks on the Endure which are optional on the Aspect. But that is the only "leg up" I feel those platforms offer in regard to actual ownership value and performance.

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Re: Okna 600 vs. Provia Aspect

#6 Post by TheWindowNerd »

Great comments from DE Mike. He has broad hands on knowledge of the type of product you are looking for. He is a Nerd in all the right ways. Along with his experience you have overwhelming comments to validate a Okna purchase.
I too give the same advice.

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Re: Okna 600 vs. Provia Aspect

#7 Post by uncle eddie »

Open and shut for the Okna on this one. Not only is the product better, but DE Mike raises some great points about the guys selling the provia. Its the hottest product for the "chuck in a truck" crowd in my area too, really makes it a crapshoot. Many of the better products limit availabilty to well established dealers.

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Re: Okna 600 vs. Provia Aspect

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Can't add much to the comments of my fellow pros here.

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