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Renewal by Anderson Quote

#1 Post by jfe381 »

I am having 33 windows replaced, mostly double hung, and got a quote of $88k. The day of quote was $81k. The salesman was not pushy but he went through the whole spiel. I had no idea how much is proper for a job and know it varies home to home. Does Renewal negotiate further and how much would be feasible to drive it down further?

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Re: Renewal by Anderson Quote

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The RBA product is a very attractive product with great glass. It's nothing special regarding performance. They tend to have decent to exceptional installers, but I lost respect for them when talking to some of them regarding their pay scale. They're very underpaid. At least 30% of the cost goes right to marketing. I don't have any idea how for they will drop their pants regarding price to save a deal?

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Re: Renewal by Anderson Quote

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I am a fellow consumer who learned a ton from this forum. Today was day 1 of my windows installation - softlite elements; as a reference, RBA quote was 150%+ more than the Softlite Elements. My advice having just gone through this process - get some more quotes from the recommended windows on this forum and save yourself a lot of money for a higher performance window.

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Re: Renewal by Anderson Quote

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Would they go lower? Probably. Hard to know what their "floor" would be. That said, you are still paying a premium for what you are getting.

Could you do worse? Yep. Are you better off paying that price than taking a pickup truck deal at $20k for 33 provia windows or something like that? Also yes.
That said, bdstuart has some great advice above, in that getting another quote or two on top performing windows from a well established and reputable local company would probably serve you well.

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