Medford, NJ Master bedroom window replacement

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Medford, NJ Master bedroom window replacement

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Good Morning,

i am a long ago poster in this forum and just re-found it again as i am looking to have some work done in my master bedroom. Live in Medford, NJ. I have two large double hung windows that i need to replace, interested in what recommended installers and brands i should aim for in SJ. I installed a lot of okna windows in an old home and loved them. Many people still sweat anderson for some reason and i don't see the value even with "they never stop making replacement parts" saw a few posts of contractors in this area, but feeling a bit lost. I'll take any recommendation.

thanks in advance.

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Re: Medford, NJ Master bedroom window replacement

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Stay with what you know at this point...i.e. Okna.

The issue will be that you will pay a bit of a premium for two window. Most crews like to see 5 window minimums so that you spread out the logistics of getting the crew and the set up over more units and absorb the cost into the larger unit total.

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Re: Medford, NJ Master bedroom window replacement

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The above response is spot on. Anytime you do less than 5 windows, you will definitely be paying a premium for that.
Many companies won't even do a job that's less than 5 windows.

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Re: Medford, NJ Master bedroom window replacement

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Thank goodness the OKNA dealer nearest to you closed up shop a few years ago, they were pretty rough on the installation side of things. There are still a few within 30-minutes of you. The Haddonfield dealer may be the closest to you? I have an issue with Medford and trying to get out of that town after my installations with that darn Donkey's II cheesesteak place........ It's a hundred bill getting them for my grandfather and cousins.

Your local two lumberyards are loaded with Andersen displays then the drop off the lower grade vinyl. I've not seen the local Jantek product in years, but it was very dated the last time I stopped in there.

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