Okna vs Wincore vs Provia for small rental

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Okna vs Wincore vs Provia for small rental

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Looking for Opinions on Okna(600 series) vs Wincore(5400 & 7700) vs Provia (endure).
We own a 4plex in South Jersey and do not live there (all on 1st floor). The windows are probably about 30 + years old and time to replace.
Not sure which would be the best bang for your buck and not sacrificing quality.
There are 7 windows approximately 44x77. All white no grids
Wincore-5400-$5991 and 7700-$6583 no capping involved but capping would be an additional $1346
OKNA 600 Series-$6965-no capping involved and installed from inside. Another quote-$7070 but all capping included-installed from outside
Provia-Endure-$6370-installed from inside-capping of window sills only

It appears that all warranties for rentals, cap it at a 10 year warranty. This is an older home with very high ceilings, new heaters were installed but wanting a good quality window to maintain lower heating costs for tenants. Thank you

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Re: Okna vs Wincore vs Provia for small rental

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If it's me and I want a maintenance free and paint free exterior...600 series with the capping done. Capping just the sills is silly and a recipe for disaster in my opinion.

The Okna window, capped, is the best product and value going on that list.

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Re: Okna vs Wincore vs Provia for small rental

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The OKNA 600 is the best of the bunch. Sounds like there is elaborate historic like exterior window casings/millwork if multiple outfits aren't including the capping?

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Re: Okna vs Wincore vs Provia for small rental

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The 600 for sure. The capping really depends on the house . It can look odd on older homes when everything else is wood on the exterior. The capping of the sill only seems odd, but is not a recipe for disaster if done correctly. It can be recipe for disaster even if fully capped and always need to be done correctly as it is the fail safe.

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