Windows in North Texas

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Windows in North Texas

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First off, this site has been a ton of help in helping me decipher window replacement.

I am looking for some feedback for a couple of quotes I've received and recommendations on any other windows I should also get quoted out.There are 31 windows total. I live in DFW. I have received quotes from Krestmark, Vistamark, MI windows, and Burris windows. I

Burris - 21,000
Krestmark 220 series' - 20,000
Vistamark Endurance series - 23,500
MI v3000 series - 36,000.

What are you all's thoughts on the four different window manufacturers?

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Re: Windows in North Texas

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Paging Ultra Windows....

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Re: Windows in North Texas

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Burris, based on the pricing. The others are being oversold, particularly the MI.

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