Sash Lock style advantage/disadvantage (NT Windows)

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Sash Lock style advantage/disadvantage (NT Windows)

#1 Post by JBlack2275 »

DFW Metro Area there are a couple of providers of NT Windows. I've seen two types of sash locks on the Traditions and Presidential series windows.

1. Auto Lock - spring loaded lock that clicks in place when the window is shut, super low profile.
2. Spoon Lock? this is what I consider the traditional style lock with the little handle that swings 180 degrees around to lock the window.

Are there advantages/disadvantages to one style over the other.

I have two dealers telling me differing opinions on why their sash lock is the better style?
Figured I would come here for an unbiased opinion. TIA!

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Re: Sash Lock style advantage/disadvantage (NT Windows)

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Most auto style locks require quite a downward force of closing the sash to engage the locks. Once cannot just gently pussyfoot them and expect the locks to work from my experience. I sold them with Schuco and Soft-Lite and got away from them as the homeowners didn't really like them and neither did I. Folks don't like slamming their new window sashes. I don't know that NT product as it's not around here. What you don't want is a top sash that doesn't have the engineering tech at the top sash (kerfs) and head cavity interlocks that will keep it fully seated in the head of the master frame from operation of the bottom sash. I refer to that as "incidental drift." It keeps the lock keeper and lock misaligned which is ever worse with auto locks.

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Re: Sash Lock style advantage/disadvantage (NT Windows)

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I never recommend auto locks, particularly here in Houston where the expansive soil cause our houses to shift throughout the seasons. They are always more troublesome than the standard cam locks, therefore I’d recommend sticking with the tried and true cam locks.

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