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Re: Window Quotes in Tennessee

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I followed the advice previously given and got two more quotes - Provia and Okna. Also found out the Pella quote I had gotten before did not include installation so we got an updated quote. All of the quotes are for 30 windows - 26 DH, 2 fixed and 2 eyebrow transoms. Here are the prices:

Brand/Model Cost
Okna Eco Pro Deluxe 600 $53,260.00
Alside Mezzo $23,270.00
Pella 250 $58,979.00
Apex Insignia $36,515.00
Provia Endure $28,145.00

Really appreciate the advice shared before. Would like to hear thoughts again on how to proceed.

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Re: Window Quotes in Tennessee

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Every house can be completely different regarding installation and the time required from start to finish to sign off on a window opening. One cannot gauge the cost of a window project without knowing installation details.

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Re: Window Quotes in Tennessee

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To clarify, I don't think anyone recommended Provia. Some of the faults of the Aeris line were discussed, and it (pv in general) was mentioned as the new "window of choice" for folks that don't know much about windows (ie: roofers, gc's, chucks in trucks). I can't speak for others, but I don't believe that was meant as an endorsement.

As for your current list, the only product I like there is the Okna, however the pricing does seem abnormal compared to the others. Is it possible that it is for a full frame install where the others are pockets? As DM was alluding to, that part really needs to be confirmed as apples to apples for a fair comparison.

This is an odd situation where you have two quotes over $50k, and the two around $30 +/-, I feel like there is some information missing with the install methods, product options, etc.

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Re: Window Quotes in Tennessee

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Based on my recent pricing from Window Works on the same Okna window, that $53K is probably a full frame installation. And you could probably get that same window installed for $39K if you went with a pocket install. If you’re trying to decide which method to go with, ask them for their installation pictures. The visual difference is minimal. But the cost difference in your application is about $14K.

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