Best soundproofing option?

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Best soundproofing option?

#1 Post by txremodel »

Hi folks! Looking for some tips on what would be best for sound-proofing. I've read that triple pane, laminate glass, and dissimilar glass can all have an effect on sound insulation. Does it make sense to do all three? (assuming I can find some that does the combo). For context my house is right up against my neighbors', so I'm hearing their dogs, babies, guests, etc everytime they step outside.

Currently I'm looking at NT Windows - their local distributor went straight to making everything triple-pane when I mentioned noise as a concern, but did NOT mention the other options. Trying to figure out if I should try to modify my order with them.

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Re: Best soundproofing option?

#2 Post by Randy »

Laminated is pretty much always the best option for noise reducing glass. There are others here much smarter than me on this, but if NT uses double strength glass on the outer and inner panes with single strength glass on the center pane, it could be pretty good as well. If all three panes are single strength it probably wouldn’t perform any better than a standard IG unit with two panes of double strength.

Oberon or one of the other guys can correct me if I’m mistaken on this.

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