Pella Windows by Lowes vs Pella Store

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Re: Pella Windows by Lowes vs Pella Store

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TheWindowNerd wrote: Fri Jun 21, 2024 1:49 pm What documents do you have on those windows?
If I can get the sizes and facts about the existing I can check on your question about replacement sash.
Thanks, Wayne. I can post pictures. Sadly, I don't have any documents on them since the original buyer was a builder. He sold the house to the previous owner and from them I bought it. So, no documents but they are Pella Designer series with removable DPG. That DPG serves as the second-pane glass and has built-in shades. As for sizes, do you mean width x height x depth of the sashes themselves? I noticed in one of your posts that Lifestyle series are interchangeable with Designer and ProLine ones.

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Re: Pella Windows by Lowes vs Pella Store

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Not always interchangable.
DGP mean these are old, which you indicated. But it means these are at least two generations before they did away with Designer series.
For one of my neighbors we were able to use Lifestyle sash in old designer frames. Have to be very careful to make sure this can work. Another concern is that there is no adjusting the frame or sash to the frame, if the windows were new construction, probable new construction settlement had occurred. The new sash will be square and will not work properly in an unsquare frame. You also want to take out the bottom shoulder bolt to see if the wood frame under the cladding is still intact, if not you need to add this to your evaluation.
You need really clear photos, measurements of actual frame size, sash size and visible glass.
I just went in PQM and built a sash replacement for a 2953 frame size, wh/wh, dual pane low e argon. It appears that the product is still supported.

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