Replacement Windows for home near NYC

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Replacement Windows for home near NYC

#1 Post by dbendavid »

I want to replace the 100 year old windows in my home.

There is a newer part of my house (added by previous owner) that has Andersen 400s so I started looking into those at first. I find them to be kind of ugly on the outside, as the exterior of the window is completely flat. Also, the full screen really obscures the white exterior of window and makes it appear to be very dark.

Thus, I'm looking for recommendations for replacement windows that look pretty on both the interior and exterior.
I am not insistent on a particular material. I'm open to idea of half screens. I mainly just want something that is good quality, looks nice, and optimizes for natural light.

What should I consider?

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Re: Replacement Windows for home near NYC

#2 Post by Ricknez »

Not sure what state you live in but as far as quality and energy efficiency with a nice looking exterior, you may want to look into Okna Windows.

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Re: Replacement Windows for home near NYC

#3 Post by TheWindowNerd »

I also like the Okna windows. The use one of the new high visibility screen meshs.
The clearist screen mesh I have seen is Vividview, but you can not get that.

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