Windows 1-2” off sitting in existing frames!!

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Re: Windows 1-2” off sitting in existing frames!!

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As I mentioned previously, it looks as though the windows may have been measured as pockets yet installed as "full frames". Your pics show the outline of the old stool and apron woodwork, I assume that was removed during this installation? Most often, that goes away with the old buck frame. Furthermore, there was no nail fin, any supplier worth their salt would have ordered the windows with nail fins (in most cases) if they were supposed to be installed in RO's as full frames as opposed to to pockets.

There is nothing "clear" in terms of fault here, all is speculation at this point including my own.

Extortion would require intent so that wouldn't seem to apply here, but rushing to judgement can be harmful as well.

Do you have any "before pics"? I'd be interested to see if the "modern vinyls" coming out were set as pockets which would explain the measurement discrepancy. It would be hard for even a diy'er with access to internet and a desire to learn to measure these SOOOO far off, again indicating that there is some relevant context missing here.

Pre-pics, post pics, sizing of old vs new would all be helpful here if you want to figure out how this went wrong and whom is at fault.

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