Window leaking...

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Window leaking...

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Hello all,

I just bought a house that was built around 2011. I noticed when we got a heavy rain a large number of my viynl windows would start to accumulate water on top of the lip that is used to raise and lower the window. I've cleaned everything out and made sure the weep holes were not clogged and it still happens. I am totally stumped at what possibly is going on here.

Any suggestions on how to address this issue?

I can't seem to find any information on the manufacturer either. The sticker says "Kensington homes windows and republic windows" any ideas?

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Re: Window leaking...

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Can you make it happen with a garden hose from the exterior?
Are these single or double hung? Usually water only on the lift rail is condensation. If it water infiltration you should find a entry point above the lift rail, typically at the head/top of the window. It is not normally the window that leaks, it is the installation.

Is there any mention in the sellers disclosure?

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